The best hospital which you haven’t been yet !!

I was taken back to the days I wore spectacles 👓 when I got a chance to go to eye hospital with my in law. I used to wear specs from my 10th grade. I just wished that I shouldn’t wear specs when I get married. I mean I wished my eyes get healed before my marriage.

Myself and my mom went to a prayer meeting on a Saturday. I was wearing a specs which was brand new but I was so happy that I need not wear that specs because the man of God prayed for the healing of my eyes. He would have prayed for my marriage or my work or for an on-site opportunity. But God wished to fulfill the desire of my heart.

I used to wear glasses for nearly 8 years. This testimony of mine can be simple to many. But God can cure even biggest sickness than this. Try Jesus

I know I get headache and I couldn’t see things at far. After the prayer we need to travel through bike but we reached safely. Then the following monday I need to go chennai to work. My mom warned me to have my glasses in my bag as nobody will be able to bring it to me if I get headache after working in the system.

But I had an open heart and believed the prayer he did for me. I didn’t take the glasses with me and till now I am not using any glasses. I thank God that I had the strong faith that my eyes are completely cured by my loving Jesus Christ.  Though people around me tried to bring my faith down, I didn’t stumble.

Wish you all visit this hospital which you haven’t been yet. The faith we have on our Healer is most important. You can begin your faith by learning as much as verses in the Bible. No bigger medicine than that. Start with faith and I believe, time to share your faith is also near.

Kindly share your testimony in the comments!!

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