The best hospital which you haven’t been yet !!

I was taken back to the days I wore spectacles 👓 when I got a chance to go to eye hospital with my in law. I used to wear specs from my 10th grade. I just wished that I shouldn’t wear specs when I get married. I mean I wished my eyes get healed beforeContinue reading “The best hospital which you haven’t been yet !!”

Mother’s day

Who told a woman becomes a mother only if she gives birth to a child? Don’t you see motherhood in Mother Theresa..? Is she married ? Jesus says “I will comfort you as a mother comforts her child.” Isaiah 66: 13 Have you felt the motherly love of Jesus Christ? Many times I have beenContinue reading “Mother’s day”

The best believer 🙌

It’s very difficult to believe someone when things always go wrong with them. But I was very fascinated by a lady called Ruth. Hopefully she is the best believer in the old testament of Bible. Nowadays for to believe Jesus Christ,people have many conditions like Miracles should happen Sorrows should be turned to joy TwiceContinue reading “The best believer 🙌”