The best hospital which you haven’t been yet !!

I was taken back to the days I wore spectacles 👓 when I got a chance to go to eye hospital with my in law. I used to wear specs from my 10th grade. I just wished that I shouldn’t wear specs when I get married. I mean I wished my eyes get healed beforeContinue reading “The best hospital which you haven’t been yet !!”

Mother’s day

Who told a woman becomes a mother only if she gives birth to a child? Don’t you see motherhood in Mother Theresa..? Is she married ? Jesus says “I will comfort you as a mother comforts her child.” Isaiah 66: 13 Have you felt the motherly love of Jesus Christ? Many times I have beenContinue reading “Mother’s day”

More than obedience

My God given girl “Preyerna ” just taught me what is more than obedience. Preyerna : There are lots of mosquitoes in room. Dad : The door is opened . That’s why there is too much of mosquitoes Preyerna: 🤔(She was thinking for 2 seconds.. immediately she went and closed the door) We didn’t tellContinue reading “More than obedience”